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TEFL Course in Los Angeles, California

TEFL Course Los Angeles


Intensive 120-140 hours 4 week program. Training in various aspects of grammar, teaching methods, and teaching tips are the focus of this program with supplemental practice teaching included.


 Courses run every month.

Cost: $1395

$400 deposit (non-refundable). Payable via Paypal, Credit Card, or Phone. Remaining balance to be paid on arrival.

Paypal Phone Credit Card
* International: +066.87.885.8622
  * USA/Canada (Toll Free): (877)865-5638  
  * Australia: 02-8014-9256  
  * UK: 020-3355-8505  

You can pay with the above links or on the payment page after you enroll. Start your journey and Enroll Now.

About Los Angeles

Take a TEFL course in the City of Angles! Los Angeles is best known as the home of Hollywood, the “entertainment capitol of the world,” however, that is not all one of the most popular cities in America is known for. Los Angeles is an international center of some of the most prestigious business, economic, scientific, entertainment media, and technological institutions in the world. As such, L.A. is one of the most multicultural areas in the US.

Made famous early on for its supreme location on the cost of the Pacific, L.A. has the perfect mix of sunshine, endless beaches, luscious mountains, and rolling desert that draw millions to the city each year. During your course learning to teach English, take a walk on the Santa Monica boardwalk or soak up the sun beach and learn how to surf. Downtown you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied between classes as sidewalk cafes, locally produced farmer’s markets, clothing boutiques, clubs and restaurants are in abundance around L.A. Explore the Hollywood Hills in the chance of spotting someone famous or catch an afternoon game at Dodger’s Stadium. Disney Land, Universal Studios and other attractions can be found in the areas surrounding the city or you can take a day away and drive up the infamous 101 coastal highway to Santa Barbra. For those who prefer colder activities, the ski resort, Blue Sky is within driving distance of the metropolitan area and provides a nice change of pace during the winter season. With plenty of nightlife, there is always fun to be had once the sun goes down and visit any number of bars to catch the latest up and coming bands.

As the second largest city in the US and the largest city in California, Los Angeles expands every year. People from all over the world come to LA, but with its close proximity to Mexico, many of them don’t speak English making the city a prime location for English teachers. Once you learn how to teach English, finding a job in this diverse area is not hard, and with the number of different communities around L.A. there’s something for everyone in this thriving city.